Making of Pattachitra Nameplates

Customized Nameplates

Our homes are not only identified by the people who stay in it but also by unique house name and numbers. So, nameplates hold a very important role in our life. Maavni’s personalized name plates, are unique in design, high class finishing and completely personalized.

How to select a Nameplate?

We all know, Nameplates are manufactured in a different size, shapes and various types of materials are used depending on its usage which could be industrial or company or home. There are many brands today offering very good nameplate products which can be customized completely to your taste. Before you decide on buying a nameplate, you need to understand where your nameplate would be placed. If the nameplate will withstand various environmental and climatic conditions then you should go for metal nameplate manufacturers ideally.

If a nameplate is not exposed to rains or continuous sunlight then you can opt for materials like Wood/MDF/Hardwood/Plywood etc.

Maavni nameplates, are handpainted designs on solid wood/Plywood and for home or office use. They work best for apartments/ flats and when put up on walls which are away from direct sunlight stay as it is for long time showering happiness all around.

“Maavni Nameplates are 100% Handmade”

Maavni Designs brings you a huge range of wooden Name Plates designed & handcrafted by experienced Pattachitra Artists. Starting from wood base which is hand cut, sanded and primed as a preparatory step. Then the custom designs are hand sketched and hand painted. The names on other hand are hand cut by carpenters with hand saw machine from thin wood sheets. Then the names are also sanded and primed before a coat a color is applied. Final step, the whole product is varnished for protection from dirt and water resistance. Hooks are added and bells hanged and tested before shipping to the clients.